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The dog-washing system of DARADO is a washing device for dogs. The concept of the self-serve dog-washing system similar to that of self-serve car washes. The dog is washed manually by its owner. The self-serve dog-washing system has an ergonomically suitable and aesthetically pleasing design. Due to the ergonomic design, dog owners can wash their pets in an upright position, which is more comfortable and healthier. .. read more » « .. less

The system convinces through a high quality. Mainly stainless steel and galvanised sheet steel have been used as materials for the construction of this product. Water temperature, shampoo and dryer are suitable for dogs and have been extensively tested for their quality. The components, such as pumps, continuous-flow water heaters and conduits conform to industrial standards and are suitable for a commercial use of the product.

Operators can choose from either coins or chips as a mean of payment. The dog-wash operates through three timed programmes: "Water", "Water and Shampoo" and "Dryer". The wash of only the dog's paws is possible for only 1 Euro (1 Pound).

The dog-washing system can be connected to your water and energy lines as easily as a domestic washing machine and does not require a technician. The only things you will need are a 3/4" water connection, a 400V electrical outlet and a drain for used water. Through the serial use of a pumping system it is not necessary to build a new wastewater pipe.

okeasy and intuitive operation
okhigh level of workmanship and ergonomic designs
okramp and floor space are equipped with a non-slip material
okenergy-efficient and demand-actuated water treatment
oklow operation costs
okdeveloped in Germany according to the German guidelines for machines
okSupport: DARADO and the service team are located in Germany
okMade in Germany


okemptying of the cash box only once a day
okcleaning of the filter and wash-tub only once a day
okfilling of the shampoo container only once a week


Dog small Ramp


Ramp - The ramp enables your dog to enter the washing-tub easily. That way you do not have to lift your dog into the tub, unlike the way you ought to do at home. On top of that the ramp has been equipped with a non-slip layer in order to provide a safe stand for your dog, even with wet paws. Another advantage of the ramp is a border at the edge of the ramp, that way your dog cannot fall of the ramp by stepping aside of the ramp.

Dog small Under frame


The whole washing booth is placed on a stable under-frame. It is very robust and prevents a shaking of the booth, even with large dogs inside it.

Dog small Shower


The shower has a 1,5m long spiral-hose and is attached to the wall, to the left of the control panel. Depending on the programme, the shower provides water in order to wet the dog's fur or a water-shampoo mix. For the latter the shampoo is added to the water automatically. Due to the constant temperature of 38°C, which is also your dog's body temperature, a comfortable and relaxing wash is ensured for your dog.

Dog small Control Panel


The control panel is attached to the control cabinet in an ergonomically pleasing position. It contains the operating buttons and the coin slot in order to start the different washing programmes.

Dog small Walls


The wash-tub is enclosed by three walls, which boast a height of 1,9m. It protects the surrounding areas from water-splashes and keeps curious stares out.

Dog small Control cabinet


The control cabinet contains all the needed components for a dog wash, such as dryer, shampoo and water-components.

Dog small Dryer


The 2m long drying-hose is attached to the control cabinet and is used to dry the dog after the wash.

Dog small Washing tub


The washing-tub is coated with a rough non-slip material, which ensures that your dog will not slip during the wash. The washing-tub also has a raised border, which protects the user from moisture and dirt. On top of that the washing-tub is equipped with a large filter, which keeps hair out of the wastewater-drains.

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